Ava Devine has her ass plundered

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scott stops by to get his laptop that he left at Mikes abode – Mrs. Devine is getting all ready to go out to a party wearing racy clothes. See what happens when the two see each other!

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Ava Devine Big-boobed MILF Spreads Pussy Open

Monday, August 25, 2014

Freckled and sexy Ava Devine is major curvaceous in her white dress. This delicious hottie strips off the dress, showing her sexy pink lingerie. Stripping off the bra, her huge titties are freckled too, and firm and round with hard little nipples that your tongue aches to taste. This lusty vixen wants you to want her and she spreads her legs wide, playing with her pussy while fantasizing about you fucking her brains out.

Standing up and bending over, Ava Devine invites you closer, wanting to feel your thick cock splitting her juicy cunt wide open with deep penetrating thrusts!

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Ava Devine always has a young guy around to fuck

Monday, July 28, 2014

cocksucking for a quarter? That’s what Johnny’s friend says he got from super cougar Ava Devine. But when he brings Johnny over to his lady friend’s house to show her the real deal, it seems to be a different story. Johnny’s buddy takes off, and he’s embarrassed to be left with a humiliated Ava Devine before him. But Ava’s not about to let him go. She’s feeling horny as fuck, and doesn’t need a quarter anyway. She rips off Johnny’s pants and deepthroats his big pole, then devours like he never expected. Penny for your thoughts?

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Ava Devine gets banged by Xander

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ava Devine is the Dean at a very prestigious college and she calls Xander in to her office. People have been complaining about Xander’s demeanor. It’s not up to par with school standards so Ava makes him strip off his clothes and when she does she notices Xander’s jumbo willy. Ava gives Xander an ultimatum, she can either punish him for disregarding college standards or Xander can fuck her booty and Ava will forget all about his misconduct. Xander chooses the obvious option and tears into Ava’s slender asshole.

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Ava Devine Sucks Black Cock Before Pussy Pounding

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lusty redhead Ava Devine is a sucker for a big black cock, in more ways than one. This juicy babe is so hungry for that dark man meat, she feasts to the point of gagging on that huge thick rod and the more she sucks, the gushier her cunt becomes. She can’t wait to climb on and go for a ride, impaling her tight asshole with that massive tool and stretching herself out in the process.

The harder he thrusts, the more she feels it in both her ass and her cunt, and Ava Devine cums hard, clenching down around his dick and making it hurt so good!

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Ava Devine Hot Pornstar in Stockings Has Hardcore Anal Sex

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lusty Ava Devine loves to fuck. Wearing thigh high stockings, this juicy redhead enjoys that thick black cock as it gags her. Then she turns around and spreads her cheeks so her hard man can drive deep into her tight little asshole. She loves when he stretches her pucker hole open wide in the process. She loves the way it makes her feel helpless to him when it hurts so good.

Ava Devine cums so hard from an ass fuck, that she can do it again and again. But when her man is ready to cum, she’s on her knees with her mouth ready and waiting!

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Ava Devine Gets Fucked by Real Dick Cock and a Fuck Machine

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ava Devine is so horny, she just can’t get enough cock. Luckily, she’s got a sex machine to help give her some intense double penetration action, and she’s loving every minute of it. That thick fuck machine dildo drives deep into her cunt as her man fucks her mouth. Then she gets on her knees so he can fuck her tight little asshole while her pussy continues to get pounded.

Ava Devine loves two cocks so much, she feasts on them at the same time. Ultimately, she gets ass fucked by her man in several positions until she’s screaming with pleasure and her pucker hole is filled with spunk!

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Ava Devine and Friend Tag Team Big Black Cock

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ava Devine and her friend are having a wonderful time getting their thrills with a huge black cock. These two eager wenches lick and suck that delicious man meat before feeling it stretching out their tight, wet holes.

These babes are having so much fun taking turns getting pumped by that insatiable and demanding tool, and when they have had their fill of cumming, they are eager to enjoy the wonderful hot shower of spunk all over their happy faces. Even then, Ava Devine and her friend are only getting started. These lusty babes plan to cum hard all night.

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Ava Devine Official Site

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ava Devine knows how to make her fans feel erotically charged thanks to what she has for them on her Official Site:

I have lots of HD Videos & High Quality Photo Sets for you to Download & keep forever! Sometimes I’m by myself or with other women or sexy single men or both at the same time! I think you will find that I am not your average Porn Star!!! I have a HUGE appetite for sex!

Ava Devine Can Suck Dick Better Than Anyone

Saturday, July 21, 2012

When you watch Ava Devine blowing a guy, you can see by her face that she’s really into it. She’s so hot and horny for that cock that she can’t keep her fingers out of her own cunt. She gets it all wet and ready so when that cock gets to pumping, it can go deep and hard as can be. And when she rides on top, this willing bitch gets even hotter when her stud sticks a finger in her asshole as he plunges into her fuck hole.

He shoves that gigantic black cock into her ass too and watches her squirm and scream and cum all over herself with excitement. After that, she’s back to sucking her man until he spurts hot spunk all over her face. That’s the way this bitch rides.

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